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Sunflower full benefits

sun flower SunFlower has many benefits. For some people, planting SunFlowers as decorative plant was not too enthused. Though SunFlower including beautiful flowers and has unique characteristics compared to other flowers. As the name suggests, this flower is like the sun. The flowers are rather large sized with light yellow petals that looked beautiful. Is that why […] Read More -->

Orchid care for rare species

SONY DSC Orchid care for rare species is not an easy things to do, Orchid flower is a symbol of one’s sincerity in giving a very sincere affection. The orchid flower or better known as the flower of immortality. Many kinds and types of orchids that live in various places in the world. But, now rare orchids […] Read More -->

Tulip to beautify your garden

tulip picture Tulip is one of the types of flowers that are very attractive to many people, especially women. For those of you who live in the tropics may be very rare to see the existence of this flower. Tulip are the hallmark of the Netherlands is to save a million charm that can not be found […] Read More -->

Bamboo Garden to Soothing the House

bamboo garden Bamboo Garden can make your home has a cool atmosphere. Bamboo, also known by the name bamboosese is an attractive crop to be used as interior and exterior decoration, Bamboo Garden is not something new, since a long time ago peoples are made of Bamboo Garden in their homes. Bamboo has a variety of shapes […] Read More -->

Types of grass

Types of grass Types of grass , there are several types of grass all Grass are in the plant family called GRAMINAE. There are 600 genera comprising 7500 ± types included in this family. In each grass species apparently have varieties that are still diverse. There are two major groups types of grass, grass for hot and cold […] Read More -->

Tropical Garden Easy to Care

Tropical garden Tropical Garden can be combined from two different elements. For example, combining elements of tropical plants with modern landscape elements. The combination of these two concepts makes Tropical Garden simpler, still beautiful, more simple in maintenance. Tropical Garden plants such example tabebuya, frangipani, Heliconia, nejin bamboo and orchids, Combine with modern landscape elements . Tropical […] Read More -->

List of flowers that can be use as ornamental

List of lowers - Cateliya-flower List of flowers that can be use as ornamental is vary Widely, you can find many lists of flower that can be use as ornamental, here are some of them: Kateliya flowers (Cattleya) Cambodian flowers brought from Central America and is often found growing in the area of Mexico and Venezuela. This flower is more […] Read More -->

Kinds of flowers in the world

kinds of flowers kinds of flowers in the world widespread graced the earth’s surface with an attractive color. All countries in the world have the flower as his trademark. This is shown by the presence of most of the country can be covered with variegated flowers. In this world there is a grouping of flowers. There are rare […] Read More -->

Urban Garden in the House

Urban Garden Urban Garden can be a solution to limited space in your home. Narrow land does not mean a reason not to make a garden. Urban Garden one idea is to make the game rock garden, water, and plant pots. Currently, limited land had been all but inevitable. Land for the park is on the wane. […] Read More -->

Impatiens (Busy Lizzie)

Impatiens Impatiens have three basic groups, the first of the traditional Impatiens type, this type has a spreading growth, succulent stems lined with white, flower color is usually red or pink. The second is the type of F1 hybrids, the composition of small plants and dense, with flowers almost cover the entire surface of the leaf, […] Read More -->

Ixora is tropical flower

ixora plant Ixora is a plant that is commonly found in a garden, these plants comes from tropical regions, especially Asia. Ixora is a kind of wild bushes. This flower is also called as the flame of the wood due to the appearance of the flowers radiate, like fireworks and live in the forests, in some places […] Read More -->

Narcissus, Beautiful Flowers Easter greeter

Narcissus Narcissus was taken from Greek mythology, Narcissus was a story known to be very personable and everyone admired her. Once when Narcissus died by the river when he was staring at herself through the reflecting face of the river water. She can not look away as mesmerized by his own. Then, in place off the […] Read More -->

Heliconia the exotic plant

heliconia Heliconia is an exotic flower, it flower has a shape like a banana but more colorful and very beautiful, the plant height is about 2 meters and the leaf shape resembles a banana leaf with size smaller. Heliconia flowers have a shape like a crab claw. in some ways, this flower looks similar forms sterilitzia […] Read More -->

Tropical Garden in your house

tropical garden Tropical garden concept has been widely applied in various countries. The concept is to integrate the diversity of tropical garden of tropical plants with elements that are around your home. Tropical garden also looks simple and still charming. You can build a tropical garden in your own house so you can feel the exotic of […] Read More -->

Maranta plant all about

maranta Maranta is a type of flower, it has a beautiful leaf pattern with colorful leaves bone and the leaf color are combinations ranging from white to near black. Maranta need protection from direct sunlight, high humidity and should not experience drought. Maranta, including plants that have slower growth. Maranta Calathea type size is higher and […] Read More -->

Agave Plant about

agave Agave plant has a characteristic of yellow color of the leaves gently wrap each piece of pale green blended in the middle. Native agave plant has a plain green leaves. Editorial compact like a fountain of sparkling golden water spout to the eight directions of the compass. Beauty of the agave plant has attracted the […] Read More -->