Green wall concept

Green wall is the right answer to overcome the limitations of the space land, as well as the roof garden. Both are actually an attempt to move an unused green space of buildings to the area of the building or onto the roof.

Green wall vocabulary clearly means the plant that planted on the wall . the green wall concept that grows in some countries the concept is still new, especially lately increasingly uncertain climatic conditions. People then began to realize and start thinking about green space in their homes.

Green wall is the right answer to overcome the limitations of the land. In this field too narrowly, it could be applied

Green wall

From Pot Up to Special Media

In general, there are three types of green wall, namely:

the simplest green wall, in fact has long been applied in many countries. Once better known viticulture term. Stay with conventional growing media and containers such as pots, then made vertical. The difference, viticulture used for gardening, now applied to the wall with ornamental plants.

Using the Module

this kind of green wall has Media cropping of soil or planting medium instead of conventional, but rather use the felt as a planting medium. Well, this is still felt to be imported, thus making the price to be expensive. Some people use PVC to make it cheaper. Points to connect the plant, used a kind of bracket (link). Drainage has also been set up, so it was no longer watering with a hose.

The principle of the green wall is to plant crops on the wall. Typically use special media or the construction of the building was put up for green wall. To consider is the type of plant selected. The reason, would be associated with the roots, so if for buildings, plants that need a combination with high humidity.

Constraints of making green wall is a matter of cost is still relatively expensive but with a beautiful final result of this bleak, who is not tempted

Constraints on Cost

Constraints is a matter of cost is still relatively expensive, especially for second and third types.

The simplest and cheapest is the first type, ie with a planter box. In addition, the planter box technique is also more easily applied, even by a layman though. For example create a green wall on the front facade of the house. To place the panel pots could use the wood used Steiger. After that stay put pots up.

It is better not too high so that no difficulty when watering the plants,

Although relatively simple, the type of plants for the planter boxes still need attention. For example, if you choose plants that need high humidity, it’s good to keep the humidity made pond

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