Brick, stone element for building

Brick is an element of building that used for manufacturing and construction are made of ground with or without a mixture of other ingredients, baked with a high enough temperature so as not to be destroyed again when soaked in water.

Brick raw materials are from red clay or soil and water. There are several ways in the manufacture of brick that are Semi-dry process, Stiff plastic process, Wire-cut process and Soft-mud process. There are several types of bricks, generally seen from it material type of brick, the types can be divided into:


1. Clay Bricks

the bricks made of clay, it has two main categories, namely ordinary brick and ordinary surface brick. Brick have an uncertain surface and color. These bricks used for walls and covered with cement. Common brick with red brick is often called. Surface brick has a good surface, smooth and have the same color or pattern. Although used for walls as well, but the surface brick no longer needs to be covered with cement. surface brick commonly referred to as the faux brick.

2. Sand-Lime Brick
As the name implies, this brick is made from a mixture of lime and sand in the ratio 1:8 and mixed with the water which is emphasized so as to form a very solid brick. Usually used for the walls of the submerged water and require high strength.

Almost all over the world use brick as main material of building, in modern time there are a lot of brick model, from the simple one into the most beautiful one, it depending on your design of building you want. The color of brick is also various you can choose the color that fits to you. So if you have plant to buy bricks, it would be good idea to consider things above.

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