Hydroponics Planting Media

husk Hydroponics Planting Media contain many materials that are needed to make hydroponic plant growing in a good condition, here are some of Hydroponics Planting Media : 1. Charcoal Husk Charcoal Husk is used as fertilizer and raw material charcoal briquettes. Husk used can be obtained in place of rice milling. Besides being used for charcoal, rice […] Read More -->

Sub Irrigated Planter

Subirrigated-system1 SIP is a simplified hydroponics technique that uses absorbent wick water from the bottom to the roots of plants with the principle of capillary action. SIP advantages include: – Save Water Water is wasted and yawning can be minimized. Even claimed to be more efficient 50% -80% than the conventional method. – Saving time Because […] Read More -->

All About Hydroponic

NFT History of Hydroponics According to the literature, hydroponic farming has begun thousands of years ago. Told, there is the hanging gardens of Babylon and the floating gardens in China that could be cited as an example Hydroponics. Further more, in Egypt, India and China, early humans has often using a solution of organic fertilizer to […] Read More -->

Biggest and Smallest orchid in the World

Biggest Orchid World’s Biggest Orchid is Grammatophyllum speciosum it’s often referred to as the Sugar Cane Orchid, Giant Orchid, or Queen of the Orchids, the title as the largest orchid in the world because it’s giant size. Sugar Cane Orchid has up to 3 meters  stem length and  about 1.5 to 2 cm stalk’s diameter, with a […] Read More -->

Rare Plants

Hura Brasiliensis Rare Plants around us, there are several plants counted in rare plants here they are : Desmodium Gyrans Darwin named this plant as Hedysarum, or botanists call it Desmodium Gyrans, or more modern Codariocalyx Motorius. Commonly known name is Dancing Grass (Dancing Grass) or Plant Semaphore (Semaphore Plant), because the movement of the leaves, which […] Read More -->

Ghost Orchid

Ghost orchid Ghost orchid (Polyrrhiza lindenii) is one of the orchids that have the name quite creepy. This flower is growing on bushes in the forest or the branches of trees. For orchid lovers, it is not strange because this orchid has evolved a reduced leaf organ. The body is only dominated by plant roots organs as […] Read More -->

Unique Carnivorous Plants

Venus Fly Trap Carnivorous plants are plants that prey living things to survive, these plants usually prey on insects or other small animals. some types of plants there are in the category of carnivorous plants : 1. Portuguese Sundew (Drosophyllaceae lusitanicum) These plants come from Portugal, Morocco, and Spain is one of the few carnivorous plants that grow […] Read More -->

20 Weirdest plants

Aseroe rubra 20 weirdest plants from all over the world you might never imagine before. These weird plants are not normally planted in the garden because some of them are hard to find or very difficult to plant normally and need extra treatments. let’s check them bellow : 1. Coral Jade (Crassula ovata) Coral Jade looks a like […] Read More -->

Sunflower full benefits

sun flower SunFlower has many benefits. For some people, planting SunFlowers as decorative plant was not too enthused. Though SunFlower including beautiful flowers and has unique characteristics compared to other flowers. As the name suggests, this flower is like the sun. The flowers are rather large sized with light yellow petals that looked beautiful. Is that why […] Read More -->

Orchid care for rare species

SONY DSC Orchid care for rare species is not an easy things to do, Orchid flower is a symbol of one’s sincerity in giving a very sincere affection. The orchid flower or better known as the flower of immortality. Many kinds and types of orchids that live in various places in the world. But, now rare orchids […] Read More -->